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The Royal Diving Club
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Visit the Royal Diving Club for diving.The Royal Diving Center was inaugurated by HM the late King Hussein Bin Talal in November  1985  . Until mid 2001  it operated under the supervision of the Aqaba Region Authority (ARA), now the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) . The RDC, located on the southern part of the Jordanian Coastline, was established to develop the sport of diving in Jordan within high safety and technical standards, offering diving training to the Jordanian public at affordable prices, and providing guest divers with proper high quality diving facilities and tours. All this was done while conserving the natural environment and eco-systems in the area .

Rasberry coralIn late  2000 the ARA issued a tender for the investment of the RDC.  Jordan Projects for Tourism Development (JPTD) was awarded the tender for investment in the Royal Diving Center in early 2001  . Under its agreement with the AZESA, JPTD will reconstruct and manage the new RDC, maintaining an environmentally friendly operation as we as providing high quality services to local and international divers and visitors. Local engineering and architectural firms have signed agreements with JPTD for the design of the new center .  The development of the new center is scheduled to be completed in mid 2002  However the center will continue to operate during its reconstruction .

The Club is located on private sandy beach south of Aqaba and fronts one of the most beautiful dive sites along the whole of the  27  km of coast line, and the most easily accessible .

Fire CoralTrips along the coast to the dive sites by bus are organized twice daily.  All sites are accessible in this way .  The Wreck, which all divers like to dive, is a site for the Club .  The Wreck lies on its side in 20m of water, about 200m off shore. It now well colonized  and quite safe to enter with care.

Diving is offered all day  09:00 Am Until  08:.. pm, seven days a week.  The Club has two Bauer KAP  220/20E compressors capable of filling 650  1 trs/23 cu ft a minute each, with 12x50 1 trs storage cylinders at 225  bars. A six place recompression chamber is available at ‘ Princess Haya Hospital’ Aqaba .

We have qualified instructors, who are available to train PADI, BSAC,CMAS and can lead experienced divers on spectacular underwater safaris.  Courses for children, or beginners can be organized on request to teach the safe use of mask, fins & snorkel ;first in the pool and then the spectacular Red Sea.

Strict conservation is applied, no removal of corals or shells.  Please follow our motto’ Take only photo’s , or memories, leave only bubbles’ .

The Royal Diving Club  provides safe, comfortable, clean pleasant surroundings, with its own private beach, showers and locker rooms, class room, toilets, and an excellent swimming pool is available, with a cafeteria, with a cafeteria for drinks and food after your dive .

Divers are required to bring their certification cards. Your diving certificate is most important . Also Discovery Scuba Diving is available . The startling clarity of the water enables even the inexperienced swimmer to enjoy what is considered by many experts to be the most prolific coral and fish environment in the world .  If you are timid, a guide can be arranged .

Rodale’s Scuba Diving July/August ’92  listed the Royal Diving Club as “ One of the Worlds’ ten best snorkeling sites ‘ .

A recent visiting tour operators said. “ This is the best Diving Club in the Middle East “ .

Diving Time :

- First Dive   : 10:30  Am

- Second Dive : 02:00  Pm

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