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tips of branches of coral (Acropora sp.)All dives have an easy shore entry and exit. The fringing reefs starts very close to the shore, which is also ideal for snorkelers. Some dive sides have walls to dive in or canyons or gardens. Everyone can find something beautiful or special.

One of the most attractive ones is the shipwreck Cedar Pride, the Lebanese freighter, sunk intentionally in 1986.  

Our experienced instructors will show you the best of each site, so everyone from very beginners to advanced divers will have fun.

Most of the dive sites have fringing reef with very prolific coral and fish life. The coral reef is in excellent condition and home to wide range of fish like groupers, parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, numerous moray eels, lionfish and close to the sea anemones the clownfish. The reefs are regularly visited by turtles.  

First Bay
average depth: 15m
max. depth : 35m

About 700m long reef situated just south of the Marine Science Station, entrance point south of the reef between Coastal Radio Station and Ras al Yamaneah.

Shallow fringing reef of fire corals and small coral garden about 8m. Reef slopes down from 15m.

Corals: varies from fire corals, cabbage corals, table corals and small coral gardens.
Fish life: puffer fish, squids and octopus, lionfish, groupers, very well camouflaged scorpion or stone fish.

King Abdullah Reef
average depth: 13m
max. depth:30m

rating: snorkeling highly recommended, diving good

Just south of the First Bay, between Ras Al-Yamania and the camping site. Entry point 150m north of camping fence.

Reef extends about 500m out from the shore in front and just north of the camping.

Corals: excellent patchy corals cover a sandy bottom.
Fish life: white
morays, triggers, goatfish, and angels, scorpions, lionfish, wrasses, butterflies, damsels, clownfish and odd blue spotted stingray.

Black Rock
average depth: 14m
max. depth: 30m

rating: ideal for snorkeling, diving is good  

located between the Camping site and the Rainbow reef  

Corals: coral garden starts just below the surface with fire corals and pinnacles.
Fish life: emperor, snapper, lyre tail, small triggerfish, wrasse, parrotfish, lionfish and scorpion fish, box fish, many butterfly fish and regularly visited by turtles.

Rainbow Reef
average depth: 14m
max. depth: 30m

The dive site was named by rainbow fish which lives there .the dive site located 110m to the right from the ship wreck buoy.

Corals: Excellent healthy reef from 20m depth, wide range of hard corals.
Fish life: is excellent throughout this site: various sorts of butterfly fish, parrotfish, lionfish, wrasse fish.

Shipwreck "cedar pride"
minimum depth: 10m (from starboard side)
max. depth: 28m (from port side)  

rating: diving highly recommended, snorkeling possible  

The wreck of Lebanese freighter (760 tons, length 81m and 20m wide) was purposely sunk in 1986.  The wreck is marked by a surface marker buoy less than 150m offshore. She lies on her port site, bridging two reefs, so you can swim underneath her at about 25m. Near the stern is a life boat in 20.5m of depth. The ship is in good condition, tank area can be explored.

Corals: very good soft corals growth, magnificent garden of sea fans covering the wreck inside and out side.
Fish life: Lionfish and angelfish, large snappers, school of double bar bream, barracuda, and the smaller reef sp
ecies such as damsels are well represented

Japanese Garden
average depth: 18m
max. depth: 30m

Located just to the south of the shipwreck. very good condition for snorkeling.

The reef  begins in shallow water with some fire corals and then gently sloping to the magnificent colorful reef.  

corals: large coral heads, cabbage corals, black coral
fish life: lionfish, angelfish, cornet fish, gray moray, groupers, school fish of snappers lunar fusiliers and the butterflies fish of the reef.

Gorgonian I
average depth: 18 m
max. depth: 25m  

rating: one of the best for diving, snorkeling recommended

Site is named after a large gorgonian sea fan coral, which you can find at 15m depth.

The shore entry is through zigzag like passage interesting also for snorkelers.   

The reef is sloping gently. In the shallow water are very interesting pinnacles with colorful life.

Corals: Large yellow cabbage at beginning of dive, fire corals and brain corals, varieties of stony corals.
Fish life: on pinnacles shoaling glass fish, or sleeping up side down lion fish.  

Gorgonian II
average depth: 20m
max. depth: 30m

rating: excellent for diving, snorkeling possible 

Dive site is also named by two Gorgonian fan corals, which is 20m and 29m depth.

Site is located at the south of the Gorgonian I. - just left site of the parking area in the Marine Park.

This dive site has varieties of pinnacles and reefs with a different shapes and depth.  

Very interesting pinnacles are in the shallow water.

Corals: Fire corals on beginning of dive, table corals, cabbage and stony or raspberry corals.
Fish life: lionfish, scorpion fish, parrotfish, wrasse fish. The reef is visit by green turtles that feed on sea grass.

New Canyon Tank Wreck
average depth: 18m
max. depth: 30m

rating: good for diving and snorkeling  

Located at the south from the Gorgonian II. site. Very flat sloping reef, starting from 12m and gently slops to more than 30m depth.  The canyon has a sandy bottom and drops to depth over 40m.

At 5m depth is the shell of a Russian tank, sunken in 1999 by King Abdullah.  

This is also attraction for snorkelers,30m from the shore line.

Corals: plenty of healthy hard and soft corals, like cabbage coral, large spherical coral heads. Fish life: eel moray, lionfish, scorpion fish, and green turtle can be seen.  

Eel Canyon
average depth: 18m
max. depth: 30m

The site is located at the south of the New Canyon. The canyon splits the reef to a valley with sandy bottom and a big table coral in the middle. It looks like a tent from distance . The reef is flat sloping and descents to 40m.  

Corals: various all sort of corals, soft and hard.
Fish life: eel moray, scorpion fish, lionfish, parrotfish and many butterfly fish and box fish, damsels and lizardfish.

Blue Coral
average depth:20m
max. depth: 40m   maximum for divers 35m

Located in the middle of the  Big Bay. Named for a type of lacy blue coral. Sloping reef about 30m wide, cut through with deeper sand gullies. The reef runs down to 40m.  

corals: variety of healthy corals with a different shape
Fishlife: this site is know as a home for the razor fish (plate fish), which swim in a vertical position, head down.

Moon Valley
average depth: 20m
max. depth: 35m

This site is located about 700m to the north of the Royal Diving Center.

The sloping reef is intersected with valleys.

Corals: Good range of corals, healthiest corals are in deeper water.
Fish life: snapper, grouper, angelfish, puffers, wrasse fish, lionfish.

Long Swim
average depth: 12m
max. depth: 25m

Long swim starts from the Moon Valley and ending by the jetty at the Royal Diving Center.  

Aquarium  ( House Reef ) 
average depth: 20m
max. depth: 35m

rating: excellent for diving and snorkeling.

Located just front of the Royal Diving Center, to the north of the jetty.

Corals: variety patches of very nice soft and hard corals. At deeper reefs some black corals.
Fish life: lots of puffer fish, wrasse fish, lionfish, scorpion fish, snappers, emperors, cornet fish, napoleon wrasse, damsels and stingrays.

The Gardens (House Reef)
average depth: 20m
max depth: 40m

rating: excellent for under water photography pro

located just front of the Royal Diving Center to the south section from the jetty  

corals: excellent condition, huge massive size of table corals and very nice pinnacles covered with soft coral it is considered an exceptional site for advanced divers and photographers .100% healthy coral.
Fish life: up to the usual standard for this stretch of coast, with the reef fish like sea horses, interesting sand gobies, pipefish, cornet fish, lionfish, eel moray.

Saudi Arabia Border
Average depth: 20m
Max depth:35m

Rating: excellent for diving and snorkeling  

Located: near to the Saudi border 4 km south of the Royal Diving Center, one of the most popular dive sites. Drop off reef with a very long wall extends up to  850m distance

Corals:  cover is excellent ,huge size cabbage corals (all sort of types)
Fish life : hump head napoleon wrasse, groupers, butterfly fish, angel fish, puffer fish, gobies, small wrasse fish


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